Give your brand the de-Lux treatment.

I'm Nathan Lux. I'm a designer with dogged attention to detail and an eye for sleek design. I aim to breathe excitement and authority into every design I touch. With the de-Lux treatment, your brand will show that you mean business, want to have fun, or a little bit of both.
I have professional experience developing logos and branding, designing outdoor signage and print materials, and professional writing.
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Professional Writing
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Branding. Packaging. Advertising. Illustration. Do it the de-lux way.

Nathan Lux

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Nathan Lux
Nathan Lux

What I do

Branding + Identity
Clean. Commanding. Give your brand the cutting edge with the de-Lux touch.
Packaging Design
Your product will jump off the shelf with the de-Lux touch. Tell your customers exactly what they're holding.
Advertising Design
Get the attention you deserve with de-Lux adverting - full service print and digital ad design with professional copywriting.